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More Books on their way to
Coming Soon!

We're excited about three new family books that will be available soon.  These were originally printed books that are now converted to pdf files.  We are 'fine tuning' these documents before exposing them on the primary website page.

If you would like to preview the current work-in-process versions, you can download the books in their current form under one condition - you must promise to come back and get the 'final' version when it's available.  We will let you know on this page when the "final 1.0 version" is available for each book.

Fran's Recipes From Kith and Kin by Fran J. Cadenhead (Under Construction)
Published Christmas 1978 by the family
Digital file last updated 10/27/2022, 9331 KB (about 9 MB)

Southern Cadenheads by Kenneth Cadenhead and Bill Germany (Under Construction)
Published 1997 by Gateway Press, Inc.
Digital file last updated 10/27/2022, 29,061 KB (about 29 MB)

Seasons of Fran's Kith and Kin by Frances Jameson Cadenhead (Under Construction)
Published 2004 by Gateway Press, Inc.
Digital file last updated 10/27/2022, 124,112 KB (about 124 MB - a large file)