Personal content and connections from 259 Conrey Drive ...
About is a personal website created by Milton Cadenhead.  I've had this website since 1994 and have used it over the years to share information with friends and family.

When my father published his memoir, we decided to make the content of his book available on this site so that everyone can access this special autobiography.  This inspired me to redesign to make more content and connections available for family and friends in the near future.  So, look for more content and more links to be added to the site.

Our Cadenhead family extends beyond those with the Cadenhead name.  I look forward to adding content about the Jameson family for my Mother, and the Gundling family for my wife, and content for friends and organizations that are part of my life.

And those who know me also know there will be content for the Auburn family too - War Eagle!

If you have suggestions for material or links for this site, please send them to Milton @

I hope you find the site enjoyable.